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IELTS考试技能训练教程:听力(第5版)(下)(附MP3光盘) Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

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  • 出版社: 北京语言大学出版社; 第5版 (2014年12月1日)
  • 外文书名: Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test
  • 丛书名: IELTS考试技能训练教程
  • 平装: 248页
  • 语种: 简体中文, 英语
  • 开本: 16
  • ISBN: 9787561940761
  • 条形码: 9787561940761
  • 商品尺寸: 25.8 x 18.4 x 2 cm
  • 商品重量: 381 g
  • 品牌: 北京语言大学出版社







Unit one Form Filling 
1 Booking a Hotel 
2 A Secretary's Note 
3 The Course Price 
4 The Amendments to the Course 
5 A Complaint Report 
6 Professor Lee's Office 
7 A Trip to Vancouver 
8 A Passenger's Survey 
9 Applying for a Tennis Class 
10 For Fun 
11 The City Library 
12 Renting a Bicycle 
13 At the Party 
14 The TEFL Certificate Programme 
15 Education System in Britain 
Unit Two Matching 
1 Numbers of College Students 
2 Household Expenditure 
3 Plan for the Party 
4 Gymnasium 
5 Nutrition (Part 1 ) 
6 Nutrition ( Part 2 ) 
7 The Elephants 
8 A Campus Tour 
9 A Library Tour 
l0 Types of Housing 
11 A Map of the Small Town 
12 Discussion about the Family 
13 Shops 
14 The Health Insurance 
15 A Discussion on Education 
Unit Three True or False 
1 Buying a Gift 
2 A View of Australia 
3 Seeing a Doctor 
4 Stomach Flu 
5 Who's in Our Neighbourhood? 
6 Snoring 
7 Snake Bites 
8 A Heart Attack 
9 Tranquilizers 
10 An International Summer School 
11 Pets' Safety 
12 Clara Barton 
13 History of Australia 
14 Stress 
15 Henry Ford 
Unit Four Multiple Choice 
1 Fire Making 
2 The News Report 


Listen to a talk and indicate whether the following statements are true or false by writing T for a statement which is true and F for a statement which is false. 
1. Tom is an American conservationist. 
2. Species of migratory songbirds are as many as they used to be. 
3. The route of migratory songbirds is from as far north as the arctic tundra to the southern tip of Argentina. 
4. Many species are in the tundra and taiga of Canada and Alaska for the summer. 
5. Then they head south to the warmer United States for the winter. 
6. Most songbirds spend the spring and summer months in Mexico. 
7. Then they migrate south to spend the colder months in the neotropics of Central America. 
8. One fifth of bird species worldwide have disappeared! 
9. The primary threat for birds is loss of required habitat in their migratory stops. 
10. Many forests have been disappearing at a rate of 2 to 4 per cent per month in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
11. Wild bird trade and pesticide poisoning are other threats for birds. 
12. We should disturb habitats and migratory corridors and use pesticide. 
Listen to the conversation between Tom Martin and his doctor, and indicate whether the following statements are true or false by writing T for a statement which is true and F for a statement which is false. 
1. Mr. Martin came to see his doctor for some advice. 
2. Mr. Martin can't go to sleep at night. 
3. Over 50% of adults snore quite often. 
4. All people who snore have sleep apnea. 
5. People who snore may be alert during the day. 
6. Mr. Martin has snored for two months. 
7. You have to stop doing exercise 2 hours before bedtime. 
8. You must have a big meal for good sleep. 
9. You'd better sleep on your side rather than on your back. 
10. It's difficult for Mr. Martin to sleep at a regular time.





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